Support programs for families

Updated: May 29, 2020

Programs are valuable in the journey of a friend or family member supporting a loved one caught in addiction. Below is a list of helpful programs that I encourage you to explore.

Each program listed below is a valuable program that I would suggest to any friend looking for a place to start. They provide vital information and insight into addiction, what your loved one is experiencing, the impacts of drugs on your loved one, how to communicate , when to communicate and how to create important boundaries that can save your life and keep you sane during this surreal and difficult time.

Family Drug Support: Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is a four day workshop by Family Drug Support which is usually run over two weekends at different locations across Australia. The workshop focusses on helping families develop coping skills and communication strategies, and includes a program workbook. To book into a Stepping Stones workshop, contact Family Drug Support on 1300 368 186 or visit the website.

Family Drug Support: Stepping Forward

Stepping Forward is a three-part information session run by Family Drug Support at different locations across Australia. Each session runs for around two hours. The sessions include information on ‘stages of change’, alcohol and other drug use, and good communication. To book into a Stepping Forward session, contact Family Drug Support on 1300 368 186 or visit their website.

Family Drug Help: Action Recovery Course (ARC)

Action Recovery Course (ARC) is a six week group program by Family Drug Help in Victoria which runs weekly for two hours, usually in the evening. It covers topics such as ‘stages of change’, guilt and worry, setting boundaries, and planning for the future. Some groups may have a fee, which includes the program workbook.

To book into the ARC program, phone Family Drug Help on 9573 1706 or 1300 660 068, or email For more information about the ARC program, visit the Family Drug Help website.

Cracks in the Ice

‘Cracks in the Ice’ is a new online toolkit providing up-to-date information and resources for the Australian community about crystal methamphetamine (ice). The website was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health. You can visit the website, or see the pages for families and friends.

BreakThrough for Families: Information Sessions on Ice (Methamphetamine):

BreakThrough for Families is an information session for families about ice (methamphetamine). This program is run at locations across Victoria. The BreakThrough sessions last for around four hours (either 1 x four-hour session or 2 x two-hour sessions) and cover three main topics: facts about ice, strategies for coping, and how to get help. To book into a session or access the online program, visit the BreakThrough website.

Wellways Australia: ‘Building A Future’

The Wellways Australia ‘Building a Future’ program supports people across Australia whose family member has a mental illness or problems with alcohol or drugs. The ‘Building A Future’ program is a place where families can learn more about how to support someone with a mental illness through their recovery, and help families to cope with the impact of mental illness and alcohol or other drug-related problems.

For more information or to find out when the next program starts in your local area, contact Wellways on 1300 111 400 or visit their website. You can also download a brochure about the program.

ReGen Methamphetamine ‘Family First Aid’ Program

The Methamphetamine 'Family First Aid' program is for Victorians who have a family member who is using methamphetamine (ice). The program provides families with support, information and strategies to respond to a family member’s methamphetamine use. Topics include making safety plans, setting boundaries, and dealing with anger, anxiety or paranoia. The program also includes tips for self-care for families and significant others. The program is located in Coburg (Melbourne) and is provided at no cost by ReGen (a Victorian Government-funded alcohol and other drug service). To register, or for more information, contact ReGen on 03 9386 2876 and ask to speak to a worker about the Family First Aid Program.

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