Apps for Personal Support to Overcome Stress and Trauma

Hi 'Ordinary Life' family,

I want to write about support in the form of 'Apps' to manage and heal painful experiences you have been left with due to a loved ones addiction.

I stumbled across an Anxiety app based on EDMR therapy years ago. It was a complete life saver. I was at work one day struggling with the craziness of life associated with anothers addiction. On this particular day a work colleague introduced me to an anxiety app. I wasn't sure at first as I hadn't heard of EDMR at the time and I certainly had enough 'wacko' in my life and was not wanting to add to it with a strange therapy! As it turns out it wasn't strange or a wacko therapy but a well respected, tried and true practice helping thousands of people daily.

The Anxiety app I stumbled upon was created by a fabulous man called Dr Mark Grant. Mark is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years experience in treating stress, trauma and pain for a variety of people and across a variety of reasons. Mark focuses on how the role of negative emotions from stress can cause health problems. Mark also specialises in EDMR. You can find out more at Dr Mark Grants website

What is EDMR I hear you ask?

EDMR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It's a psychological treatment that uses eye movement, sounds and verbal guidance to help you recover from traumatic life experiences as well as the symptoms that accompany the stress created by them.

What are the apps?

Dr Mark Grant has developed three support apps in total; Anxiety Release, Sleep Restore and Overcoming pain. I have found them all to be very helpful.

Incredible even with how they work.

Anxiety Release

This app is the app that I have used the most during my loved ones addiction. This app covers what EDMR is and how to use it, many different exercises for you including identifying your safe place and healing your anxiety.

Sleep Restore

This app helps you get to sleep or get back to sleep with a variety of sleep restore option including; stories and music or a combination of both with bilateral stimulation (a part of EDMR therapy).

Overcoming pain

This app is a little different as in the fact it focuses on physical pain and its symptoms. It includes three playlists for controlling chronic physical pain and associated stress that can maintain pain; as well as mental and sensory healing strategies as well and stress management.

Take a moment when you can to check them out and see if they are for you, no harm in trying.

Take care everyone


Founder, An Ordinary Life Kingdom Cares

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